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South Humber Banks, Immingham

 Over 700 hectares of industrial, residential and agricultural land rely on sea defences between Stallingborough North Beck and Oldfleet Drain. The area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Existing protection consisted of a reinforced concrete wave wall situated on a clay bank. The seaward bank was protected by a bitumen grouted stone revetment which in turn was supported by a concrete toe beam. Continued lowering of the foreshore had impaired the stability of the concrete beam placing the whole structure at risk.

A new revetment was installed in front of the existing one to maintain the necessary support to the concrete beam. After assessment of waves, currents and tides, and the channel morphology, OSA was chosen as the most cost-effective material.

  • 225mm OSA armour placed on filtercloth geotextile.
  • LSA key against the concrete beam to ensure sand-tight construction
  • Over 60,000 m2 of revetment placed on 2500m seawall
  • On site mixing of materials
  • OSA's flexibility will accommodate any further lowering of foreshore levels
  • Environmental impact had to comply with the area's SSSI status


South Humber