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Thameside Revetments, Shell Haven, Essex

In 1987 storm damage threatened the stability of the flood walls in front of the Mobil and Shell refineries at Corringham on the Thames, downstream of Greenwich. Renewal of the defences was imperative for our client The National Rivers Authority (now, The Environment Agency). Existing protection included a reinforced concrete wall on a sheet piled foundation protected by a clay bank armoured by ungrouted Kentish ragstone and smaller areas of Essex blocks.  The Essex blocks were replaced with ragstone and then the whole area was strengthened with hot poured bituminous grout.

  • Over 40,000 m2 on 4500m seawall treated with floodgrouted ragstone plus grouted rock
  • Mobile mixing plant using bitumen from plant on site reduced costs
  • Mixing plant customised to deal with shut down periods imposed at high tide
  • Mobile laboratory on site used for mix design and quality control
  • The most cost effective solution