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Town Beach Revetment, Porthcawl, South Wales

The coastline around Porthcawl is subjected to severe wave attack from the atlantic ocean swells particularly when combined with strong south-westerly winds.

The grouted rock revetment and asphaltic concrete upper amenity area were originally installed in 1985 and after 20 years service significant maintenance was required to the structure. Rock and mastic grout was placed on the revetment to the original convex profile and repairs were made to the revetment/asphaltic concrete joint.

  •  2,200 m2 revetment area
  • 550 m3 filling with rock and mastic grout
  • Layer thickness of grouted rock up to 600mm
  • Layer of Permatrack ‘PSB’ and ‘H’ used to protect revetment/asphaltic concrete joint.