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Dam Erosion Protection

For over 60 years asphalt has been used to waterproof dams either as a core or as a lining.  When placed as a lining the asphalt also provides protection against wave impacts.
On older UK dams a clay core or blanket within the dam embankment was often used to provide the waterproofing and the dam embankment required additional protection from wave attack.  This was often provided by stone pitching, loose rock, or concrete blocks.
Hesselberg Hydro has worked with dam owners since 1991 to create innovative, cost-effective solutions to upgrade existing erosion protection systems and to provide new erosion protection for dam-raising projects.

Why is maintenance and development of existing dam structures important?

  • Deterioration with age – many dams in the UK are over 100 years old
  • Construction of new dams in Europe is a very lengthy and controversial process
  • Increasingly strict statutory controls for flood tolerance
  • Climate change may impose greater pressure on water supply

Common problems

  • Erosion of reservoir banks
  • Settlement of existing linings and barriers
  • Weakening of upstream faces by wave attack and weathering
  • Undermining of pitching/blockwork following wash-out of bedding material
  • Spillways need to withstand greater discharge volumes

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