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Flood Alleviation

The increased risk of flooding over recent years is well recognised and is caused by many factors.
A combination of increasing sea levels and the lowering of the east coast of England means that low-lying areas and tidal estuaries are increasingly vulnerable to the risk of flooding, and as the apparent climate change results in more extreme weather, flooding from rivers after high rainfall events has become a major concern.

Hesselberg Hydro has extensive experience in providing erosion protection solutions for both estuarine and river flood alleviation projects.  Open Stone Asphalt is often used for these projects with the following advantages :

  • Cost effective
  • Proven durability
  • In situ construction follows all shapes and contours
  • Bound, open material withstands high wave attack and flows
  • Permeability eliminates build-up of hydrostatic pressure
  • Withstands significant settlements in new earthworks with no detrimental effects
  • Supports growth of local flora - tidal estuaries and rivers are usually important areas for biodiversity

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