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Landfill Linings

  • The cost effective liner for landfill
  • The highest possible standards of environmental protection
  • First asphalt lined site in UK completed by Hesselberg Hydro for Zeneca in Huddersfield

Landfill sites are at a premium to satisfy ever greater demands for safe disposal of domestic and industrial waste. Thus, lining the sites for environmental protection is a growing industry.

Dense Asphaltic Concrete (DAC) is now recognised as the premier lining for landfill. Compared to clay - the traditional material - DAC offers considerable advantages to designers, operators and environmental regulators.

  • Thin construction maximises fill volume
  • Engineering freedom - can be applied from the horizontal to the vertical
  • Low volume of imported material means less haulage traffic
  • Maintenance free during filling
  • No investment in haul roads - traffic runs on DAC
  • Impermeable, and resistant to hydrocarbons
  • Withstands stresses and shear forces caused by settlement
  • Superior liner performance guaranteed by bespoke design of materials

Hesselberg Hydro's expertise

Techniques for installing a landfill membrane adjacent to a vertical face are the same as for asphaltic concrete cores in embankment dams. Our expertise with DAC since 1986, developed from proofing dams such as the Queen's Valley reservoir on Jersey is thus directly applicable to landfill projects.


Design and installation of landfill site lining for Zeneca in Huddersfield

(this site consisted of horizontal and slope areas but not vertical constructions)

  • Lining 360mm thick compared to 1500mm specified for the clay option
  • 43,000 m2 lining installed in total
  • 15,000 square metres placed on slopes up to 1:5
  • On-site mixing plant to maximise material quality
  • Full quality control documentation with laboratory on site

Vertical Linings for Landfill Sites

Disused quarries - and even operating ones - are increasingly being exploited in the search for prime landfill sites. They are particularly suited to lining with asphalt. The workings generally present a large horizontal area with near-vertical sides to be sealed. An impermeable, robust and flexible vertical asphaltic lining can be constructed which is easy to build up in stages.


  • Quarry floor regulated with binder asphalt then lined with 85mm DAC
  • Vertical liner typically 300mm, or more thick to withstand shear forces
  • High quality joint between horizontal and vertical membranes formed by hot asphalt weld
  • Paver adapted with special beam to place thin core plus transition material
  • Up to three 200mm layers placed per day

Economic to install and operate

  • One paver can install a maximum of 500m daily to a height of 600mm so the technology is economic for fairly long stretches (perimeter lengths over 150m).
  • Optimal void space is achieved by raising the lining in stages, each providing the volume for six months or one year of operation. Thus, investment in liner is spread over several years, thus helping cash-flow.
  • The asphaltic option is even more attractive where suitable rock is available in the quarry and/or an asphalt plant is situated nearby. Often, in operating or former quarries the developers will have their own asphalt plant on site so they can supply the material under the supervision of our materials engineer, reducing the cost of the liner considerably.