Asphalt Specialists In Hydraulic Engineering


Geomat DM20
Lean Sand Asphalt
Open Stone Asphalt / Mattresses
Asphaltic Mastic / Mastic Grout
Dense Stone Asphalt
Dense Asphaltic Concrete
Bituminous Membranes
Marine Mastic Granules
Sarmac Mattresss
Profix Mattresses

Dense Asphaltic Concrete

Dense Asphaltic Concrete

Structure and Properties

  • A filled mixture of crushed stones or gravel, sand and filler.

  • After compaction, voids are nearly completely filled with bitumen (void content <3%)

  • Impermeable.

  • Stable on steep slopes.


Dense Asphaltic ConcreteApplications

  • Watertight facings and revetments.

  • Lining for canals and reservoirs.

  • Cores for reservoir dams.

  • Landfill linings.