Asphalt Specialists In Hydraulic Engineering


Geomat DM20
Lean Sand Asphalt
Open Stone Asphalt / Mattresses
Asphaltic Mastic / Mastic Grout
Dense Stone Asphalt
Dense Asphaltic Concrete
Bituminous Membranes
Marine Mastic Granules
Sarmac Mattresss
Profix Mattresses

Dense Stone Asphalt

Dense Stone Asphalt

Structure and Properties

  • A gap-graded, overfilled mix of stone, sand, filler and bitumen.

  • Impermeable - no compaction required.

  • Pre-fabricated for underwater applications.



  • Toe constructions.

  • Underwater protection of structures (tunnels, pipelines)

  • Inclined or vertical cores for dams

  • Easily worked so appropriate for awkward situations