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River Bank Works - Overflow Erosion Protection

Climate change is likely to increase demand for flood protection work. For some areas in Europe, greater peak river flows are anticipated with a consequent increased risk of flooding.


River Bank Works - Overflow Erosion ProtectionThe more obvious protection measures frequently introduce additional problems:

  • Larger channels can reduce flood risk but are expensive, and have a considerable adverse environmental impact.

  • If river embankments are overtopped, the embankments themselves are at risk from erosion by the overtopping water OSA being placed.




  • River Bank Works - Overflow Erosion ProtectionRelatively low value land can be used as temporary flood plains, with overflow waters contained by earth embankments.

  • Durable erosion protection for flood conditions - either OSA on geotextile or the asphalt-reinforced geomat - may also be placed on the 'dry' side of the river embankment Revetment during flood conditions.


The pictures show both measures on a Belgian river.


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