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River Bank Stabilisation, River Thames, Richmond

A prestige housing development was proposed for a former boat yard on the banks of the River Thames. Existing defences had deteriorated and the whole area was derelict. The development required an aesthetically pleasing 'natural' environment, with erosion protection to resist modest flows and boat wash.

  • River Training - River ThamesOSA revetment selected to encourage growth of local flora
  • River bank reprofiled
  • 100mm Lean Sand Asphalt (LSA) placed as the filter and regulating layer
  • 100mm of Open Stone Asphalt (OSA) armour placed in situ over LSA

Many different systems could have provided the erosion protection, but OSA was selected for its ability to support a wider range of plants. Comparisons of different revetments in the same area have shown the irregular voids on OSA present a wider variety of habitat than concrete blocks, for instance, where large, regular voids encourage only a few dominant species.


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