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Coastal Protection
Dam Waterproofing
Dam Erosion Protection
Dam Spillway Protection
Ports & Harbours
Flood Alleviation

River Training

Broadlands, Norfolk
Richmond, Thames
Orgreave River Diversion
River Bank Overflow Protection
Scour Protection
Underwater Impact Protection
Strengthening Rock Structures
Landfill Linings
Offshore Services

River Training and Erosion Control

An established application for asphalt

Open Stone Asphalt (OSA)

For control of erosion by strong river currents at bridge abutments, and adjacent to infrastructure. OSA can withstand flows in excess of 7 m/s.

Asphalt-Reinforced Geotextiles (Geomat DM20)

A lighter material that limits bed and slope erosion. It is used for upgrading channels to maintain the line of flow, particularly in areas of light, sandy soil:

  • The bound asphalt resists erosion from flows up to 2.5 m/s
  • Open texture allows grass to grow through it very rapidly
  • Applicable for small sections of vulnerable channel as well as complete river diversions
  • Can be manufactured centrally and taken to site

Profix Geotextile Mattresses

ProFix is a flexible erosion control system comprising of geotextiles and granular material.  The simplicity of its construction means this fast and economical system can be installed virtually anywhere.The system is durable, permeable, and very flexible, allows plants to grow on it and does not harm the environment.  Mattress manufacture is variable and adaptable, enabling bespoke erosion control solutions.

It is an excellent alternative to reno-mattresses and concrete blocks, especially when placing underwater is required.

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