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Claybanks Revetment Toe, Dovercourt, Essex

Grouted rock toe to protect existing revetment from scour

Hesselberg Hydro has been working with Tendring District Council since 1995 and the works at claybanks started in 1997. Having monitored the foreshore level along the coastline there was concern that the existing revetment could be undermined. The solution was to install a grouted stone toe up to 5m wide which is designed to follow future scour and provide protection to the revetment.


  • 1,200 m2 grouted rock slab placed at toe
  • Layer thickness of 350mm placed at slope of 1 in 15
  • Width of slab seaward varied from 3m to 5m depending on existing toe level
Claybanks revetment toe, Dovercourt, Essex