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Scour Protection

Scour - An underwater problem

Asphalt - An underwater solution

Scour or underwater erosion is caused by natural currents or ships' propellers. Asphalt - readily worked in water - is well suited to the submerged installations frequently required for scour protection.

Mastic is an ideal product to place underwater:

  • Scour ProtectionThe dense material flows easily in water.

  • In spite of rapid skin formation, the flow's centre remains hot so the mastic continues to penetrate - much like larva flowing under a volcanic crust.
  • Joints form readily - when cold mastic is hit by hot the bitumen-rich material soon warms up and the materials fuse together.

  • Especially useful when combined with rock

Toe scour

Coastal and river revetments are sometimes prone to toe scour. A slab of mastic or stone/mastic placed in front of the structure is an effective solution. The material resists scour, and, with its thermo-plastic properties, follows changes in foreshore level - slabs have been known to bend up to 90° without failing.

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