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Specialist Plant and Equipment

The nature of our work demands specialist equipment. Frequently, plant is purpose designed for specific sites or projects.

Some of the technology we have developed for the hydraulic asphalt field can also be used by other companies for their work with mastic, or for their projects in remote locations.

Mastic Boilers

Mastic Boilers

We have a variety of mastic boilers ranging from 1.5 tonnes to 60 tonnes capacity. All boilers are thermostatically controlled, and can agitate mastic to ensure a homogenous mix.

The smallest boiler is mounted on an all terrain vehicle, giving access to the most difficult locations and our 12 tonne capacity boiler, being mounted on a Volvo dump truck, is ideal for sites with difficult access, and for tasks such as transporting mastic over beaches.

The largest boilers are for use with high-production plants and for transporting mastic to remote areas (e.g. on barges)

Heated Hot-Bays

Hot Bays

Maintenance of asphalt's working temperature leads to more efficient placing and a better end product. Hot-bays help keep delivered material in the best condition - particularly important on exposed sites, or when haulage distances are great.

We have two 36 tonne capacity, gas heated hot-bays which keep asphalt mixtures in a useable condition for up to four days.

Such plant provides the flexibility essential for efficient planning. For instance, hot-bays overcome the problem of meshing the delivery schedule of a mixing plant with the opportunities for work that are governed by tides. Also, in the event of bad weather, material can be saved for later use.

On-site Mixing Units

Mixing unit

In remote locations and sites needing high outputs, there are considerable advantages to mixing on-site.

Hesselberg Hydro, in co-operation with Ooms bv, has several options for on-site mixing of material, including overnight stirring kettles for mastic, and mobile mastic mixing units with production capacities up to 120 tonnes per hour.

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